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    Let me begin by saying that I fully understand that Apple does provide the highest quality hardware and software available in all of their products. I understand that this is why their products are so pricey, however they need a larger line of products. They are gaining enough recognition in the computer world to expand a little. I believe that Apple should come up with an even more consumer-based line of products. Face it, Apple fans, APPLE IS EXPENSIVE! I have an iBook and a MacBook, and I am a firm believer in the quality of Apple's products, but they are EXPENSIVE. I can get a Windoze computer with all the same configuration as my computer for nearly HALF what i paid for my :apple: MacBook. I love it dearly, and would pay my life for OS X, but it is priced steeply. Everything that Apple sells is expensive. I understand that, for the quality of the product you are getting, it is not expensive. But, do you understand what I am getting at here people. Apple MAKE A LOWER QUAlITY PRODUCT FOR CHEAPER. Acknowledge that it isn't the best, just as you did when you released the Mac Mini G4 when there were iMac G5's which were supposed to be in the same "consumer" catagory with them. Just release a cheaper (both in quality and in price) product. I am fine with it, I don't think there will be much opposition. I will continue to buy my mid-range product. It is sad that the bottom-of-the-line Mac is higher quality than the top-of-the-line PC. Stop wasting your time on projects like a Dual-Quad-core Mac Pro, and spend time on something a person can afford. I don't like having the bottom-of-the-line product. I want something mid-range. I know at least 30 people at my school that would LOVE to have a Mac if they could get a new one a little cheaper. Make a less-pretty, less-thought-out-design MacBook and market it to schools and High school students. BRING BACK THE eMAC (in LCD form)!!! There is surely someone that agrees with me on this topic!

    I would very much appriciate a smaller video iPod. Give us a 20Gb iPod video and size it between the nano and the video. Make it ugly, i dont care. I am CHEAP, i am 15 years old and BROKE! I have no money, My family wont buy me anymore computer stuff!!! Bring us cheaper products!!1:apple: :apple: :apple: :apple: :apple:
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    You have an iBook and a MacBook. Isn't that enough?

    It makes the buying experience easier when there are less choices. Every product is meant for a different user.

    The Mac Mini is meant as a little computer, that is meant as a quick switch from your PC. It is the sub 800 dollar computer that people were begging Apple to make.

    The iMac is all-in-one computer, it comes ready to go.

    MacBook is a laptop on a budget, meant for most college students and just about everyone. (Probably Apple's most popular model)

    MacBook Pro is the professional laptop, offering pro stuff such as Firewire 800, and a express-card slot. It is also faster than the MacBook.

    The Mac Pro is the professional workstation, meant for people doing heavy duty work.
    The choice is simple.

    I cringe when people say "I can buy a (insert PC company) for half the price of a Mac". You have to think about what you are getting in a Mac. the reliability of OSX is worth it alone. The extra stuff like Airport Extreme, Bluetooth, Built-in iSights, remotes, and now faster processors from Intel.

    When you get a PC, you have to basically duck for cover because the
    spyware and all the extra crap with Windows is just going to attack you.

    And don't take me for a ignorant Apple Fan Boy. I've used Windows for over 5 years and all I did was spend time running maintainence, running spyware protection, and defragment every week.

    It is easy to get mad at Apple's prices, but you must think about it. Do you want OSX, or do you want to deal with Windows?
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    The new iMac?
    You might want to take a look at this.

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