More hype from apple!


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Dec 7, 2001
Now apple's homepage says we should "count on being blown away"! Geeze I about can't take it anymore!:)

I wonder what the heck they have up their sleeve...

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Apr 18, 2001
WHY DOES APPLE DO THIS TO US SO EARLY!!! IT'S BAD ENOUGH FOR THE LONG WAIT!!! they should be reuired to do this to us only three days before! Not 7! I'm excited already....


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Jun 25, 2001
Moneyapolis, Minnesota
he he

seconds seem to go by faster than minutes, but either way it'll take the same amount of time.

ha ha

sucks to be you who don't know what will happen....

....oh wait, i don't know either.


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Dec 25, 2001
Wonder if 5 days will give us a hint at G5??

Ok guys could 5 days refer to the G5 in some way to finally get the crowds going absolutely nuts? Guess we will see in a few hours..maybe "gee only 5 days to more power" ??


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Jan 2, 2002
Everyone is talking about new Consumer & Pro-Sumer products.....

What about full out Professional products??

Apple has been having a hard time with Server X problems in a "mixed" network environment. File Sharing, Email & Printer Server problems & others. A friend of mine thought about getting a new Mac Server to replace an old Winbox in his office network but decided to get a new P4 instead after viewing the support discussions on Apple's site.

I think it would be wise of Apple to release a new "fixed" version of Server X as well as a new line of Professional scalable rack-mount 8 - 12 CPU servers to run it on. That would go a long way to winning over business to the Apple side. Whether they be suped up G4's or better yet suped up G5's running at least 1.2 Ghz+.

On the Win side "Enterprise" class servers cost $20K+, I think that $15K+ for a Rack Mount 8X G5 @ 1.5Ghz with a new working version of Server X would be a friggin steal. I know I would pick one up just for my small hosting biz I run out of my home with my T1 line.

Apache, QT RTSS, WebTools, Dynamic .asp, Mail, FTP, and file server on a 8X G5 that could run the biggest corporate & subsidiary sites plus handle the day to day infrastructure task, without being subject to the latest Nimba or Code Red would be a company sysop's dream.