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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Tomaz, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Still here.
    That's interesting, but seeing as how were not all members of that forum, you might want to, like, post the details here instead of linking to it. Just a thought. :)
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    Yeah please post the details. I don't like having to register all over the place to view content which is supposedly available on a forum I'm already a member of.
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    Sorry, here it is: It says "please don't quote me", that's why I just wanted to post a link first. But I guess there shouldn't be a problem copying it here.

    I found these posts on a thread, guy claimed this "Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Apple precludes me from revealing proprietary detail, but because most, if not all, of this is posted elsewhere and is commonly available, I have no problems with confirming the following. Still, please don’t quote me."

    1. Leopard supports OS 9.x, as is done with Tiger, but OS 8 and earlier will not be officially supported. Legacy apps may still work, but Apple just won’t support them.

    2. During the Leopard install, you are given the option to create specific partitioning to accommodate M$ Vista and Linux. Reformatting your HD is not required. Depending on your processor and RAM, all OS’s can run simultaneously & independently. A (minimum) 150 GB HD is required (250 GB is recommended), and 2 GB RAM (minimum) should you wish to run more than one OS. Dual processors are required for optimum performance, though this may change in 10.5.1 or 10.5.2.

    3. DiskWarrior (in lieu of TechTool) will be bundled with 10.5 if one chooses Apple Care or extends their current Apple Care contract. I don’t know the pricing or specific details, though Apple Care for older machines will increase significantly with the machine’s age. Machines over 6 years old (from date of mfgr.) are not eligible.

    4. Safari will include editable Helpers. Safari Tabs can be assigned colors. Safari will be about 37% faster (YMMV). The default for Safari bookmarks will now be alphabetical by folder. Safari will include configurable parental controls (for those who want configured parents). Safari will now import Firefox and Camino bookmarks. Also, there are 12 new Safari “skins”.

    5. The Dock will be much different. One new feature is that as icons are added, they will automatically migrate/expand around the screen as needed (or, you can reduce the size of the icons as presently done). Also, multiple docks are an option as is the amount of “bounce” desired in those dock apps launching or needing your attention. There is an accompanying bounce sound, a boing-boing sort of thing.

    6. Hooks are built-in to support an Apple PDA, but I can say no more.

    7. All Metadata will be editable.

    8. You can have 3 ‘Finder’ windows open simultaneously, much like having 3 displays, all running different applications or OS’s. If networked, any 3 computers can be displayed. Depending on the function/application, you can even Drag & Drop between displays. Password or Admin. privileges are required. (see #2 above).

    9. Widgets can run on any or all of your open windows, similar to the way Stickies can be placed anywhere.

    10. Terminal has balloons that will appear with alerts/warning notes should you wish to do something that you will (later) wish you hadn’t.

    11. Mail, Address Book, iCal, iSight, and iChat will become one integrated application, much like Entourage (but better). Included is a customizable Auto Responder and voice activated dialing via numbers or Address Book names. You will be able to automatically send email & initiate iSight meetings, etc. that are linked/pegged to specific calendar events. This feature is called AutoPilot (see #6 above).

    12. Voice recognition/security has returned as an option (see #6 above). Note: Use with caution. I am still not certain this will make the final release (it’s still a bit buggy); perhaps delayed until 10.5.1.

    13. An across the board speed increase of 35 - 40%. YMMV.

    14. Font, Printer, and User Preference (.plist) repair routines are built-in and are schedulable.

    15. Sherlock has been eliminated (use Widgets instead).

    16. When Repairing Permissions, the “We are using special permissions…” will no longer be displayed. Finally!

    17. Airport (Extreme only) will notify you via the airport icon flashing in the menu bar if your signal is being hijacked or used by anyone other than you authorized.

    18. Startups, Restarts, & User Switching will be exactly as the User left the machine; open apps, window positions, network connections, etc. will all be reestablished.

    19. Bundled with Leopard is a small app called “TrashBack”, a program to recover deleted files. Of course, the sooner one uses it after trashing the better.

    20. Numerous (other) bug fixes, including a totally rewritten Spotlight.
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    i dont really know what to think about all this?
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    Hmm, i def. hope that you will be given the option to reboot into another OS if you wanted to... If im playing a game, i want all the rescources i can get. And i think that the '3 finder windows' idea is really cool... sounds like apple to me. And YES! finally i dont have to wait for dashboard to load to see my widgets... (not like i use most of them anyway) but if theyre going to take away sherlock, this is a good plan.

    All in all, most of this sounds plausible, but some f it we may not see with the release of Leopard.
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    It sounds weird to me, since for example the most obvious thing to update in 10.5 is the finder, and that's not mentioned in this list...

    And also the harddrive requirements...
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    On the other hand ...

    I have collected these details. You've probably seen them before.

    1. PowerPC and Intel compatible.* The first and most obvious feature will be the fact that the entire operating system will be available for both PowerPC and Intel processors. Builds since 10.0 have been written for both processors, but never publicly available as a retail product until Leopard.

    2. More Transparency. The control panel will feature a customizable transparency control that allows users to change the opacity in which the menus and dock are displayed. A slide control allows these items’ backgrounds to go from fully opaque to completely transparent.

    3. Animated icons!* Those bouncing icons in your dock will come alive.* Reports suggest that the dock icons will have much more life to them when opening an application or alerting users about an application. Alert sounds that accompany the animation are also being developed but may not be included with the final release.

    4. Dashboard improvements. The dashboard will see major speed changes in Leopard.* Widgets will load and run in the background so when Dashboard is launched, there is no delay or load time before accessing the widgets.

    5. New desktop pictures and screen savers.* Although every new release of the Mac OS has seen new desktop pictures and screen savers, we’re learning that these two items may be combined into one, allowing a screen saver to run on the desktop, behind windows and applications.

    6. Streamlined Theme. New information indicates that the entire user interface is said to lose the “brushed metal” look in favor of the new “solid” metal windows we’ve seen in iTunes 5. This conflicts slightly with previous reports of a transition to a more translucent theme throughout with more of a “glass” look. If the latter is true, this would mean that Apple is taking a page from Microsoft’s Vista (formally Longhorn) which is said to have a frosted glass interface as shown in this photo from an unreleased version of Microsoft Office 12 for Windows. Windows are also said to be less rounded on the corners, giving the entire operating system a sleeker, strict look.

    7. An iPod Home feature. Leopard is said to incorporate even tighter integration with the iPod. Our source tells us that Leopard will allow users of two different computers to finally use one iPod. Although music is still not allowed to be copied from the iPod to the Macintosh, a shared Home directory will be available to users of multiple machines. Leopard will warn that the iPod is linked to a different music library, but the Home directory will be available for use.

    8. iChat Tabs and Sharing. iChat 4 will allow users to chat with multiple people in one window by using tabs. This reduces window clutter and keeps iChat real estate to a minimum. Another feature Apple is working on to increase productivity within iChat is a whiteboard feature. A common window, shared between users live that will allow images, sketches and documents to be transferred live and stored for later use and access. iChat 4 is said to record video chats and save them as mpegs allowing users to play them back at a later date.

    9. Full-Screen Applications. The latest release of iPhoto has given us a preview of what we can expect in many of Apple's iApps. A full screen calendar (iCal) that can be used as a desktop picture. iTunes will also allow users to run in full-screen, optimizing the screen real estate on displays such as the 17" iMac.

    10. Home Integration. We're receiving early information that Leopard will have tighter home integration allowing users to control certain features within their homes. Controlling iTunes wirelessly through your home stereo already exists. However, information we're receiving suggests that applications such as iChat, Keynote, and iPhoto can "photocast" and "videocast" images, video and music to your television allowing for videoconferences, presentations or slideshows on your television. We've also received information that Apple is testing ways to monitor your home remotely, using the iSight camera, and control turning on and off lights, alarms, etc. Whether this feature will make it to the final version is unknown.

    11. Remote Control Access. Leopard will allow users to send specific information between two computers for troubleshooting purposes. For example, an experienced user can send a link to the system preferences to a less experienced user. This allows for easier troubleshooting. Another feature here will be the ability to mirror the screen over the internet or a network, so during a conference, users can troubleshoot, or simply look at another person's screen.

    12. Completely revamped Finder. We’re learning that not only is Leopard’s Finder entirely redesigned, but most of the Finder is being rewritten. Additions to the Finder include Smart Folders where the content of a folder is viewable at a glance by control-(right) clicking on the folder to reveal a hierarchical tree (directory) of the contents. Significant speed improvements are also being made to the Finder, particularly in resizing windows. There is also information we gathered that the windows will be resizable from any side by dragging that side. If true, this would be a first for Macintosh and a page from Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

    13. Perfetching.* This is a process in which the operating system loads key pieces of data and code from disk into memory before it's actually needed. Rumors have been circulating that Apple may introduce a flash-based laptop which would take advantage of perfetching.* Of note, Windows XP already takes advantage of perfetching and is being implemented into Windows Vista.

    14. Improvements are being made to Voice Recognition, Speech, Optical Character Recognition, and Inkwell, Apple’s handwriting recognition software.* This is part of an overall push to promote a more handicap-friendly Macintosh in Leopard.*

    15.* Telephony Application. Strong information coming in suggests that Apple is developing a new telephony application into Leopard.* Features include on-screen Caller ID, desktop dialing, speakerphone, and voicemail. Users will be able to access numbers from their Address Book, cellphone (iPhone) via Bluetooth, among others.* The application is said to be simple, visual, and similar to iChat, if not integrated into iChat.*

    Originally from LooPrumors.
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    Whether true, false or whatever, I really want to see 11, 13 and 18 from the first list and 6, 7 and 12 from the second. For me that'd be worth the $119 on its own, but I'm sure there will be more :)
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    Ya...alot of it seems possible but...where's the new Finder listed here?
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    This was alreayd posted somewhere else, and everyone thinks it's a load of crap. Just some loser with "super secret sources", blahblah.
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    The thing about having multiple skins sort of gives it away for me. No way will Apple let us destroy there sexy looking OS and apps. :D
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    Disagree a bit here! No need for multiple skins, true, but sexy OS and Apps???? Used to be sexy yes, but now with this inconsistency....not sexy at all anymore! :(
    Hope in Leopard the whole OS as well as all other Apple apps (iLife, iWork..) will have a unified look and feel again!
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    Both lists sound plausible and are full of features I love to see. So even if they are fakes / jokes maybe some of it may come true. And let's face it - a new version of OS X has to be good.

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