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  1. liamski macrumors member

    Jan 14, 2007

    I'd hoped it wouldnt come to this, but it has. Here are the facts..

    -- 8 week old, UK spec, MBP. Purchased over the phone from Apple
    -- Today noticed that the green light on the charger was very dim. It was fine 2 days ago. I am not a heavy user of the machine BTW
    -- Disconnected charger and the battery indicator in OSX had 1 red bar, despite the fact the charger had been connected for some hours
    -- Coconut battery identifies that the charger is connected, but IS NOT charging the battery

    So, basically, I'm stuck on the sofa with the MBP.. What have I tried?

    -- Restarting the MBP - no luck
    -- Checked leads on charger - they are fine
    -- Did an SMC ( When I did the bit where the battery is put back in the machine after holding the power button for 5secs, the 5 little lights on the bottom of the machine flashed.

    None of the above worked

    I've seen various posts on battery issues, but none seem to answer my question - apols for duplication

    Any help appreciated - I really want to avoid applecare!

    cheers, L
  2. liamski thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 14, 2007

    One other thing is that the charger light flashes dim green / dim orange when first connected, then goes to dim green

    Anyone with a similar experience?

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