More products to be released as soon as next week

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by tekmoe, Oct 13, 2005.

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    While I'm not sure about the track record of that site, I would bet that Apple will do this...say a new release every other week until Christmas (maybe even until MWSF). Look how much just one release hypes people up...imagine multiple ones. Some may argue that it'd make Apple look bad and annoy some people, but I think the craze of new products would generate quite the holiday boom for Apple. Plus, they gotta get those last PPC PowerBooks out sometime, don't they? (I can still hope :eek: )
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    Jul 8, 2005

    The iMac having DDR2 and PCI-Express Graphics does kinda put a dampner on the PowerMac specs. While DDR2 was no doubt used in the iMac just for the fact that its lower power consumption - It wouldnt be needed in the PowerMac. I mean the performance gain surley wouldnt exist unless the bus speeds become a lot higher.... they could add PCI-express and Dual Cores then.

    I could see the PowerMac's becoming a little smaller, and Apple replacing Dual CPU's with single Dual Core PPC's - then adding PCI-express.

    Actually the PowerMac does support PCI-X which i guess might offset the 'look' next to the iMac. Thing is Apple will need something to make PCI-express worthwhile. No good if there are no graphics cards out there to make use of it ( i mean ones compatible with Apple systems btw) or anything else for that matter (which there isnt since no mac has PCI-E yet).

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