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Discussion in 'iPod' started by ArtOfWarfare, Dec 13, 2008.

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    I can't help but notice the "Most Played" list in iTunes is... well... not particularly accurate IMO.

    It only takes into consideration the play count. When really, there is so much more that aught to be considered.

    How many times did I skip the songs?

    How long have I had the song? (So Apocalyptica ends up with a huge play count because for a while it was one of the only bands on my computer even though I haven't listened to them much for months.)

    Did I really listen to the song, or did iTunes just shuffle to it (a good indication that I actually listened to the song would be if I gave it a star rating or added in/fixed the lyrics.)

    Was I set on repeat individual song? (Seems like it aught to count that as only one play... generally that would mean it's a 30-60 second song that I just want to listen to for closer to 4-5 minutes.)

    I was able to make the list a bit more accurate by setting the rules to:
    - Last Played Within Last Month
    - Rating is in the range 1 - 5 stars. (So, I've rated it. It isn't N/A.)
    - Limit to 75 based on most played.

    ... but really, I want to know what I truly listen to.

    So like... if I could enter an equation... that would be really cool.


    (Play Count * Length of Song) / (Time Since First Played * Time Since Last Played)

    Seems like that would offer a pretty good idea of what I listen to most often. Oh, and I say Time Since First Played because sometimes I'll end up adding a whole album to my library for just one song, and not even notice the other great songs until they pop up in shuffle and I hear them for the first time.

    And then if I could factor in how many times I've referred to the lyrics widget that would be cool too... (but perhaps inaccurate as a measure of how much I listen to a song... because eventually I'll just memorize the song... like I did with This World Can't Tear Us Apart by Trivium... I was rather surprised that I had considering how difficult it tends to be to make out Trivium's lyrics and the fact I'd only listened to it 3 times.)
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    You really should use Last.FM for this sort of thing. Go get iScrobbler and sign up on the site. It is kind of starting from zero, but maybe that is what you need considering your library is more diverse now than your iTunes is showing you. The Last.FM doesn't take any stats from your library it just keeps track from when you sign up.

    I as well, had gone through the whole, what am I listening and how do I make a better Smart Playlist and came up with this one (or two rather).

    Main Playlist:
    Songs haven't been listened to in 60 Days

    Best Songs:
    Songs with 4 or 5 stars
    Songs are part of Main Playlist (so they haven't been heard in 60 days)
    Limit to 1 hour by random

    My main playlist I'd like to be a little more involved, but its hard to justify that because any new music needs to get listened to as well. I might actually add a part to it saying any songs added in the last month can remain in the playlist.

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