Mortal Kombat X has a better look than Yosemite

Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by colonel179, Jun 10, 2014.

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    Jun 10, 2014
    I was watching a demo of Mortal Kombat X and I noticed that they decided on a cleaner, more minimalistic look than every previous game. It made me think that that's what Apple should have done with iOS and Yosemite.

    I think that Mortal Kombat X has a better font and a cleaner look which looks more elegant than iOS 7 and Yosemite. The translucency doesn't make it more elegant and cleaner.

    Also, a big mistake that they have done in Yosemite is leaving the same icons but make them plain. I think that they should have completely redesigned the icons to look in par with the look, since there's still a mix of plain and 3D, which in my opinion it looks very inconsistent with the whole "vision".

    However, I think that Apple has become more conformist. Maybe it is because Steve Jobs was a perfectionist and Tim Cook is not, and so they don't care about the littlest details, but as an Apple fan for years, Steve Jobs have made us look for those little details and have made us CARE for those little details, so when Tim Cook and Jony Ive don't do that, it looks wrong.

    Here is a link to the youtube video in case you are interested to see what I mean about the HUD of Mortal Kombat X ( I wanted to embed a screenshot, but I couldn't do it.. didn't know how).
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    Just a year ago you were that first time poster.
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    I seriously can't believe people still spit out this BS regarding Steve Jobs as if he was a God or something. He made apple fans CARE and look for little details, but he couldn't do so for his own apple executives :eek:.

    Great logic there you have !

    I also had no clue that you know Steve and Cook so personally that you are damn sure one was a perfectionist and a demi God whereas other is not at all concerned about little details and whatnot :rolleyes:.
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    Let's compare the UI of a game to that of an entire OS! Great logic there!

    You do realise that this is the first Developer Preview and no doubt the UI will be refined over time.
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    Keep calm and buy yourself a PlayStation 4 and get Mortal Combat X as a free gift! :rolleyes:
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    I'm sorry but its hard to compare a console game's interface to an operating system's interface. It may be cleaner because it has a lot less to deal with.

    Anyways no one is twisting your arm to use Yosemite, just stick with an older version of OSX if you don't like what 10.10 has to offer.

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