Moshi Keyboard Cover on Retina (15") Screen Contact

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by IGregory, Mar 3, 2013.

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    Aug 5, 2012
    Moshi Keyboard Cover makes contact but did not scratch retina screen:

    I thought I should make all aware of something I notice for the first time today on my rMPB (15"). I hadn't clean my screen in a while. I notice the imprint of the keyboard on the screen. The computer was in sleep mode and I happen to have the computer in an area where sunlight was shining directly onto it. The dark screen and the light made the imprint visible. After cleaning the screen there was no, I repeat no scratches.

    I originally thought the Moshi Keyboard Cover did not come in contact with the screen. Now I have evidence that it does. No scratches however. I've had the Moshi cover for about two months. I probably open and shut the screen hood about 15 to 20 times a month. The computer rests primarily on my desk. I use it more as a desktop than portable. Your usage might reveal a different result.
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    Thanks for the info, it's good to know. I have the same keyboard cover and am a big fan of Moshi's products ever since I had their keyboard cover for my old 2010 Air. The same was true on my Air; it made a small keyboard imprint but was just dust that was easily cleaned off. My screen (and keyboard) looked brand new after two years of heavy use. For my rMBP, as a precaution I decided to take the keyboard cover off when I'm not using it (basically whenever I close the machine) since there is less clearance. Though it's good to know that it doesn't cause any scratches or other damage to the screen.
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    Yeah mine causes a light mark which I can't see in normal usage, unless I have a strong light source. Anyways a wipe with a microfiber cloth always cleans it.
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    that happened with my 2010 MBA
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    Enki makes a keyboard cover that doesn't touch the screen.
    This is the only cover I used that doesn't leave a mark on the MBA or rMBP
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    Feb 4, 2013
    Having owned computers where the keyboard contacted the screen WITHOUT the addition of any kind of appliqué or cover, this wouldn't be a big deal to me... but you do run the risk of getting grit or dirt stuck between the keys and the screen during transport, which could result in damage.
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    Followup Explanation

    I put a little thought into what might be happening in my particular situation. I want to be fair and not unnecessarily blame Moshi if it is not the source of the problem. I have a Kuzy outer cover protecting the exterior of my Mac. The cover's interior edges provides a thin lip of clearance between the screen and the keyboard when closed. In other words, the computer screen does not close all the way down. Moshi says its cover is 0.1mm thin. I used a Thule carrying case. I think what might be causing the imprint in my case is this: My Mac with Kuzy cover on it fits tightly in the case. When removing the computer I have to grip it firmly in order to pull it out of the case. I think that pressure compresses the cover/screen against the keyboard. The thinness of the Moshi cover and the thin rim around the interior edge of the Kuzy exterior cover should be enough to prevent the keyboard cover from contacting the screen unless the pressure to remove the computer is what's doing it. I hope this makes sense to everyone.

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