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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Devil's Refugee, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Taken from AI

    "Speaking at The Chronicle of Higher Education's Presidents Forum in Washington, D.C., the journalist revealed that he had just received his sample of the Apple handset the same day. A quick public display of the device in his pocket had been enough to draw admiration from the crowd, according to one report.

    Mossberg was comparatively guarded about the iPhone, saying he would reserve final judgment on the device until prolonged use had given a clearer impression.

    "I can already see some things I don’t like about it," he told the audience. "[But] I see some other things that I do like a lot about it."

    For him, the real focus in coming weeks would be gauging the use of a touchscreen for typing, which eliminates the tactile feedback that some demand for messaging. The predictive typing and correction work "a little better" than expected, he said, but the small amount of time spent with the finished phone was "not a very fair test" and would need more supporting evidence to verify Apple's claims about its ease of use.

    Still, Mossberg has already said the iPhone would promise a real improvement over current cellphone technology because of its full Mac OS X groundwork rather than using mobile-only code.

    It will succeed "not because it’s better or necessarily better than your Blackberry," he said, "but this [phone] runs a real computer operating system."

    Rather mixed response I think, even though it was very early on since owning the phone. Not the instant 'WOW' perhaps people were expecting.
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    This is not a review!

    As it very clearly says, this is not a review. Mossberg never gives a review before the product is launched and they tend to be somewhat lengthy. This was simply a couple of comments at a talk he was giving that have been hyped up due to the buzz surrounding iPhone and Walt's well know affinity for Apple related items.
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    This is the type of review I like to see. Not, how does this device work for the first 5 hours of use. I want to know what you think of it a week or a month later.

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