Most Apps on iPhone 5 will not load

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    Mar 2, 2015

    A couple of days ago most of the apps on my phone have refused to load. I just was able to open the AP Mobile app, but other than this, all others will not load, including the App Store. What I mean by will not load is that the App is opening, but will not completing load either by showing the same information from a few days ago (e.g., news app, instagram photos, facebook), or will merely sit on its opening page with a loading circle (e.g., walgreens, Verizon apps).

    And now it seems that I cannot use safiri without actually be connected to wifi, which should not and normally is not the case.

    Any ideas?

    Much thanks,

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    Most Apps on iPhone 5 will not load

    Do a reset by holding the home and sleep buttons till the Apple logo appears and a Reset All Network Settings. Also make sure there's no problem with your carrier.

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