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    I've lately been buying used iPods on eBay, some w/ the 30 pin connector and iPod Shuffles. My goal is to have one in each room with its own dedicated speaker, preferably standing on a dock so its just there.

    Ive searched only on eBay and the Bose with iPod dock seems to be the most popular nice looking speakers.

    Are there others as well, perhaps Philips or Sony or others, that came out with a cool really looking speaker that I may have missed? I feel there were some great ones and a lot of little lame portable ones between 2004-2010
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    Mar 27, 2010
    Do a search for iPod Hi Fi, highly recommended. I have 3 of them
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    Jun 23, 2009
    B&W Zeppelin
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    I have two iPod HiFi's and one B/W Zeppelin, on sound quality alone the Zeppelin wins hands down, but i don't think I can part with my HiFi's, their aesthetic and how they are the forgotten step child of the iPod family will keep them around with me for some time, I have used them as a sound bar for TV's and I grabbed a Bluetooth 30 pin adapter that makes them so convenient to use with anything I can connect them to. It is getting harder to find some of the better quality earlier devices/speakers that work natively with the the dock connecting iPod's from what I have seen.

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