iOS Most launch screens don't follow the design guidelines anymore?


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Sep 30, 2010
I remember that a few years ago most apps started with an image that looked like the app (but empty, without content), so that it would feel like the app launches quicker than it does. Turns out this is an apple guideline:

Nowadays it seems like everyone threw that out of the window and now has their logo for the launching screen. This is incredibly irritating. It makes the app launch feel so slow...

The only app I found that are still following the guidelines is Google Maps.

It looks like not even Apple is following their own guidelines. Their apps load with a solid color, usually the background color of the app, but no content.

To me this feels like a step backwards. It's distracting, makes the app feel slow, makes the app feel large in a bad way; on computers an app with a splash screen is an app large enough to take appreciable time to load.


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Sep 2, 2010
the activation time for apps is so fast that nowadays the guidelines don't really matter. To be honest I have never followed the guidelines and have never been pulled up for not following them. I just keep the launch screen simple to help keep the app size down.