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Feb 21, 2012
Weird. I'm not surprised at all that the 16 gb is ahead. It's an expensive device and I think that most people can comfortably live with 16 gb with few compromises. I'm surprised that the 64 gb is ahead of the 32 gb though. I guess my mindset would be aim for 16 gb, if I don't think it's enough just go one step up. But yeah, all or nothing it seems.


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May 15, 2007
I approached both my purchases with the idea that 16GB is not enough and 64GB is too much. I thought the majority would fall into that category as well. But the tip-off that my assumption was wrong was when I was at BB when the 3rd Gen's arrived. All they were selling were the 16GB model and the biggest seller were the Black iPad's. They had a few white iPad's and the black were all sold out.


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Jul 11, 2008
I think its best to go all out on devices like the ipad, its better to have too much capacity rather than too little. Its also the best value per GB.

I'm hoping that the 64gb sales are even higher this time around in order to convince Apple to bump capacities. It is long overdue as haven't seen past 64 gb since which was introduced back in 2009, with all the content Apple offers I would think we'd be at 128 by now.

Unfortunately I think the icloud and itunes match (which is one of the poorest implemented systems I've ever seen from Apple) is having a negative effect on local storage.

I am a pack rat and like to have as much stuff with me as possible, though admittedly most of my space usage is from music, something I don't feel the need to put on the ipad.
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