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    This is my first time to do a review for an App, so it can't be perfect...

    Here is my review for Motion 3D Mouse:


    Air mouse? You must have heard that. That’s right, it’s Logitech’s MX Air mouse, priced at $149 USD, is the first mouse that lets you use it on the desktop, then pick it up and wave it around like a remote control. But now we have another choice, it will not cost you $149 that much, it just needs $4.99, because it’s not a real mouse, it’s an App that you can buy in Apple Store. Although its function is not that many as MX Air mouse, you can still use it to control your computer by waving your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4 in the air.

    Features and Design

    Actually this is my first time hearing of this kind of app in App Store, we all know that iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4 have a gyroscope inside, many people will think that lots of games will make full use of it, but this app is a great idea. And while it may be getting tougher to innovate on the standard desktop mouse, the app has now bridged the gap between its desktop mice and its HTPC (home theater PC) remotes with the Motion 3D Mouse. The Motion 3D Mouse caters to users who need free-floating in-air use, which is mainly for those with an HTPC system.

    The Motion 3D Mouse uses gyroscope technology, of course it can’t be as accuracy as MX Air mouse, but it can meet our demands, after all, it’s only $4.99. Perhaps the coolest feature of the app is that it can control all of the most popular media applications, including iTunes, Winamp, WinDVD, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and more by just sitting on your sofa.

    Use and Testing

    Installation of the PC driver is very simple, and of course to download the Motion 3D Mouse on your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4, then connect your computer and your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4 both in the same Wi-Fi environment.

    When we launch the app, we can see a mouse, there are left and right mouse buttons, volume buttons, a sun icon button and a set center button. The two mouse buttons’ function is the same as a real mouse, and the volumes button, we can adjust volume through them. When we touch the sun icon button, the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch 4 will be constant on, this can prevent to lock your device. The most important button is the set center button, we will talk about it later. There is one more function, we just need to pinch in the middle of the mouse (of course, the mouse here means the screen of your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4 to maximize or minimize the window. Isn’t it so convenient?

    Pick the mouse up though, and it turns into a remote control. You are encouraged to flip your hand around and hold it like a remote too, as there’s no need to left-click and right-click like to click the real mouse, you just need to touch the virtual button. Once in the air, the mouse tracks not that perfectly, but you can even adjust the volume as well. Because there has two volumes buttons in the bottom. The only problem we experienced was once in a while the mouse cursor would wander over to the edge of the screen, even if we were pointing the mouse directly at the center, so we had to move the mouse over to the edge of the screen, line it up with the cursor, then move it back to center. A “set center button” would be handy in these situations.


    Though it takes a bit of getting used to, the Motion 3D Mouse is a very well-designed app that delivers on the promise of offering the best-of-both-worlds. The Motion 3D Mouse is both an excellent mouse and a fantastic remote control. The most important is that it’s not expensive.

    • Elegant idea
    • Pricey

    • Not so much accurate
    • Less function


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    :)I made a video, it shows how to use Motion 3D Mouse, hope you enjoy.

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