Moto Z2 Force revives the headphone port


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Jan 24, 2013
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Seems they may be going back on their "courageous" move to remove it in last year's Flagship.

Exclusive: Moto Z2 Force revives the headphone port (new renders and video)

In collaboration with OnLeaks, Android Authorityhas obtained renders and a 360 degree video of the upcoming Moto Z2 Force, which we first saw leaked in super fuzzy form last week. These images and video confirm what we saw there: a 2017 Moto Z Force that looks very much like last year’s. You can thank Moto Mods for that but fortunately there are still some changes worth noting.

As strange as it sounds to write this, the most important one of all is the reappearance of the 3.5 mm headphone port, which was controversially removed from last year’s Moto Z series. That’ll be great news for anyone that avoided last year’s models because of that fact, but bad news for anyone that bought into the idea of a headphone port-less future for Moto.


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Sep 11, 2014
Yay! My carrier doesn't support this phone but I am still happy to see the headphone jack get some love. I'm still using it like crazy on my Androids and iPads and cursing its absence on the IPhone 7 Plus. Of course I enjoy wireless, too, but it's great to have options, especially options that don't need to be charged separately.

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Sep 28, 2012
I know this topic has been beaten to death. But I'm amazed that these hardware companies learned nothing from the Windows 8 debacle.

Microsoft tried to force its new tile interface onto consumers who weren't interested in it and an operating system that had a lot going for it in enhancement became a pariah. This is the same thing smartphone vendors have done by removing the 3.5mm audio jack to force people onto bluetooth.

Note, Windows 8 did a lot under the hood in improving the stability of Windows 7. But you'd never know because of the hatred it received because of Metro tile interface.
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