Motorola iTunes Phone at V Festival


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Jul 5, 2003
Motorola 'to debut' iTunes phone at UK's V Festival is reporting that Apple and Motorola will unveil the much discussed iTunes enabled phone next month at the V Festival of music.

The festival is one of the UK's biggest summer music events and will include performances by dozens of artists including Joss Stone.
More information on the V Festival can be found at their website.

Much speculation has been triggered surrounding the iTunes enabled mobile phone from Motorola. The primary unsettled issue is which wireless carrier will be offering the phone. Cingular seemed the most likely network based on circulating rumors, but some speculation suggested Apple might launch their own virtual mobile network.


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Jun 7, 2005
Interesting choice in Virgin Mobile. Could apple be trying out the MVNO option and see how well it works, or did someone just assume if apple was using a MVNO prodiver it would be their own.

Also, would apple go with Virgin in the US as well along with Cingular or just in the UK.

If in fact they did unvail it there would it be coupled with an event in the US or just show it without an event. I'm just wondering if apple is going to make a huge deal out of it, or just let motorola handle it??


Jun 18, 2004
Seems odd that Virgin would back iTunes and therefore iTMS when it has it's own download store.

I wonder if they're throwing in the towel on the downloads for the kudos of offering the iTunes phone hoping for the halo effect to win more customers for their phone service.

While I'm looking forward to seeing the phone (but prepared to be disappointed) I won't even be able to get it discounted cause my local carrier has a monopoly and doesn't do package deals on contracts and phones. :mad:


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Aug 25, 2004
Wow... um, everybody is gonna want an iPhone.
If Apple had a phone service, I wonder how it would sync with .mac.
Yep, no useful observations here.


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Jan 5, 2005
Well it would be cool to have a product launched in the UK for once!

Virgin seems like an unlikely network (I'm assuming a launch at V woudl imply some sort of partnership with virgin...)what with vrigin megastores and all :s ah well....Would love to see an apple network but that seems even more unlikely


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Apr 14, 2005
That article doesn't quote any sources, or say "Motorola has announced" or anything, so I don't think you can take it too seriously.


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Mar 24, 2003
Does anyone else here think this is about as big of news as the podcast thing?
My point being, its not really that groundbreaking...


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Mar 25, 2002
More important than a phone that can play music... a phone that can sync to a Mac.

Or am I the only one that thinks this list is humiliatingly short?
Once you compare that list to the list of phones actually available from any (American) carrier, there is almost nothing left.


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Feb 4, 2004
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Bigger news would be a phone that integrates well with iSync as a PDA and also integrates with all of iLife, Address Book, iCal, and Quicktime. And this should be possible using Bluetooth. This would be huge for me!


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Sep 4, 2002
Raleigh, NC

i think they have somewhat soured people on it with all the false starts... This is a lot of hoopla for a mediocre (not even apple) product from a 3rd party... I mean, yes it is really cool that apple is going to start using iTunes in the mobile phone market, but until there is a true iPhone coming out, this does nothing for me (personally) i don't have an interest in the phone that i have seen... I have a razr as an image accessory already and i love my iPod... now when there is an apple designed iPhone with 4 gigs and an sweet ass look and interface, i'll get more excited. this has already gone on long enough to be in wired magazines tired list and it isn't even out yet!!! lol

not saying that this isn't cool at all, the false starts have just soured me on on something that would have been a great impulse buy, but is now gone from my mind. I hope everyone who gets one truly enjoys it! write reviews when you get it!



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Mar 30, 2005
FelixDerKater said:
Building a network around a single Motorola phone would be a waste of time.

They wouldn't be building an whole new network. More than likely in the US they would just become a Cingular affiliate and sell things under the Apple name.


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May 20, 2002
middle earth
paperinacup said:
They wouldn't be building an whole new network. More than likely in the US they would just become a Cingular affiliate and sell things under the Apple name.
Still a bad idea IMHO. Why would Apple want the headaches? If they actually did this I would be VERY surprised. I don't even see them actually selling the phone under an Apple brand name, although they may sell it through their store...


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Everyone is sick of hearing about the phone and is annoyed ect.

But if it wasn't for all these rumor sites, maybe their wouldn't be so much hype, and we wouldn't be as annoyed.

Apple will get this phone out whenever the hell they want, it will be cool, it will work well and that's that.

We are responsible for our own annoyances by hyping stuff up on these rumor sites.