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Jun 22, 2013

i use a mac pro 3.1 (early 2008) with an ATI HD 5770 Graphic Card and two Samsung Syncmaster 226BW Displays.
Evrything works perfect, except i only can use on ColorSync Profile.

1 Display is connected directly to the Graphics Card DVI Output, the other with a miniDVI to DVI Adapter.
when i choose a color Profile on the left Display, the same Profile will be set to the other and vice versa.

also only one Display really seams to use (Change) to this color Profile.

I´m also not in Mirror Mode ;-)

The Systemprofiler shows me both of my Displays under the Graphic Card Tab, but in ColorSync there is only one Syncmaster Display listet.

I have installed Snow Leopard now again on an external Firewire Drive and there everything works perfect !

So i think this can not be a Hardware Problem !

I also did a clean install of Mountaion Lion (10.8.0) on another Disk and after the very first reboot, without installing any other Software, the same Problem happens again.

There also should not be a Problem with Software which i had installed before.

I Think the generally Problem is ColorSync, which only "sees" one of my Monitors under Devices in Mountain Lion.
ColorSync under Snow Leopard shows me both Displays under Devices, as it should be.

Sadly i don`t know where i can change this information for ColorSync in Mountain Lion.

My first Idea was to move the "" to the trash and restart, but this also don`t resolved my problem.

when i open the "" from Mountain Lion with Apples Textedit, i can see the following:


_ %NSOutlineView Items ovAutosaveDevices_ CSUtilitiesSelectedIdentifier_ CSProfsUtilsGroupBy_ CSUtilitiesContentSize_ &NSOutlineView Items ovAutosaveProfiles£ ZClass prtrZClass cmraZClass mntr_ [{1000, 811}¶ _ ~/Library/ColorSync/ProfilesQ/_ "/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles_ $/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays_ /Library/ColorSync/Profiles_ D/System/Library/Frameworks/ICADevices.framework/Versions/A/Resources ;[qä≥∑¬Õÿ˛ 2 4 Y Ä û Â

while the "" from Snow Leopard shows me:

bplist00” _ CSUtilitiesContentSize_ %NSOutlineView Items ovAutosaveDevices_ CSUtilitiesSelectedIdentifierZ{590, 400}° ZClass mntr_ " (Pp{}à ≠
I have repaired Permissions many Times and cleaned all Caches with TinkerTool System.
Changed all cables and Adapters.
Did clean Installs of Snowleopard and Mountaion Lion.

A friend of mine installed Mountain Lion yesterday, also on a Mac Pro and with the same Graphic Card and he don`t have any trouble setting different Color Profiles for each Monitor.
So this basicly seams not to be a general Mountain Lion Problem, but he also uses two different Displays from different Manufactors, while i use two identical Displays from one Manufactor.

I´m thankfull for any information how to fix this because it drives me Nuts !


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Jun 15, 2012
It may be a combination of ColorSync not seeing the 2nd monitor, because of the drivers used. I haven't seen this problem on other hardware running Mountain Lion.

Don't open plists with TextEdit. Plists have been binary encoded for several versions. Use something like TextWrangler, which converts them to text and back again on-the-fly.


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Oct 4, 2008
ColorSync is horribly broken in 10.7 and 10.8.

Don't bother wasting your time. They've fixed 99% of the issues in 10.9. That is all I can offer you, I've wasted many hours trying to troubleshoot ColorSync related issues.

Either wait until 10.9 comes out, or revert to 10.6.8 (where ColorSync works flawlessly).



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Jun 22, 2013
Thanks a lot for your answers !

so i have to wait for 10.9 and hope they will support my "old" machine with this update :(
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