Mountain Lion Issues w/ iCloud Sync and How to Questions

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Satnam1989, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Satnam1989, Jul 26, 2012
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    Nov 16, 2011
    hey guys I am having the following Issues:

    - When ever I launch Game Center, Notes or iWorks a process called UBD(from much research tells me its for iCloud) starts to eat up my processor and my fans go crazy
    - When the UBD process is running it creats key and certificate files constantly....I have over 20,000 of them now which can be seen in "Keychain Access" found in your utilities folder...I dont know if its normal but yesterday when I first upgrated from Lion to ML It was such an issue that I had to go in manually delete over 23,000 of them.

    - After much failure last night I decided to do a Fresh Install and then use the Migrate assistant to bring my files back which were in my TMachine backup that I made while still on Lion prior to doing the upgrade and everything went smoothly except the UBD process is still doing its thing....I gave up on deleting the key and certificate its again up to 20,xxx.

    What I have already tried:
    - Upgrade from Lion to ML
    - Fresh Install ML (First Sync'd with iCloud to test and since issue remained I used Migrate Assistant to bring my files back from the Lion TMachine Backup I made Prior to Upgrading...note NOT PRIOR to Fresh Install)
    - Signed in and Signed out iCloud Account (about 7 different times)
    - Did PRAM Reset(4 times)
    - Restarted and Connected to many different WiFi's.

    Would like to know how to:

    - Save Documents made with iWorks and TextEdit in iCloud...I cant seem to get it to work...each time I open any of those two apps (incl pages, numbers, keynotes on my MBAir) I am presented with a "Open" document option but even if I click "iCloud" on the top left and select New Document....after when I want to save it, it only gives me option to save in the Documents folder....and as for clicking iCloud on the top left all it does it is removes the Sidebar for any folder I am currently in while I have "On My Mac" Selected. (see pics below)

    - In another thread someone had mentioned that you have to open the document/file in the appropriate app (such as Pages) and then go to File-->Move to-->iCloud....But I'm not able to see "iCloud" as an option (See 3rd picture)

    My Macbook Air Details:
    - 2011 Mid i5/1.7GHz/4GB/256GB

    My Location: (if it makes any difference or helps others relate to my problems)
    Ontario, Canada.

    Thank you all for your replies in advance I hope I can have my MBAir running smoothly as it was before.

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  2. Satnam1989, Jul 26, 2012
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    Nov 16, 2011
    New thing I noticed is my fans spin up much more and stay running longer than they did with Lion...and those of you that got the opportunity to purchase the new 2012 MBAir's with 8GB Ram will definitely appreciate that in 2011 w/ 4GB is barely cutting it now....I am using at least 1GB of Swap since I have installed ML and going on about my day with using using the same apps but w/ addition of the iCloud syncing apps (notes, reminders, Calendar, etc)
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    Oct 17, 2008
    Me too

    I found this thread and can report the same problems with ubd and a new Retina MacBook Pro running a fresh install of Mountain Lion.

    Found the runaway process at the Apple Store when I brought it in to find out why it only ran 2.5 hours on battery. They didn't know what it was but I found its iCloud connection via Google.

    I turned off iCloud, then back on, and ubd was behaving for a while, but I just had it run off the rails again (I now run Activity Monitor all the time). So off iCloud goes on this computer until I find a fix or Apple fixes it.
  4. Satnam1989 thread starter macrumors 65816

    Nov 16, 2011
    To fix this, Make a new account with a Similar name and then get access to the root user via Settings->Users & Groups -> Login Options -> Network Account Server -> Join -> New window will open -> Click on Edit on top menu bar --> select "Enable Root user" --> Proceed to set a password (Please dont forget, you will come back same route to turn off this root user)...Now Log off your current user, you will see "others" option on the user screen to log into --> Select it and enter "Root" as username and w.e Password you created earlier.

    Now that you are in Root user open two finder windows, One for OLD account, second for NEW account. Simply drag "Documents, Music, Movies and all the folders within the OLD user's folder...EXCEPT "LIBRARY". Once done, set permissions for the user by "Double Click" --> Info --> Click on NEW Username's main folder that contains all the main folders you just copied over and then select "Apply to enclosed items".

    **PLease note the entire time you have to make sure the "LOCK" icon on the bottom left or right of any window needs to be in the unlocked position.


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