Mountain Lion Mail acting weird similar to Mavericks problem

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by katewes, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. katewes, Nov 12, 2013
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    I've refrained from upgrading to Mavericks, particular as we've all seen the problems in Mavericks' Mail with Gmail IMAP. My 10.8.4 ML setup has been rock solid for ages.

    Suddenly, quite recently, I'm noticing that, when I send an email, that sent-email - which should only appear in the Sent folder, now is duplicated in the Inbox. i.e. the copy of the sent-email appears in two folders - the Sent folder, as well as the Inbox.

    This seems to be happening quite recently, and is it a coincidence that it occurred after Apple put out its Mavericks Mail update? I agree there's no logic to that, but I'm just saying what I see.

    As said, I am on 10.8.4 Mountain Lion, and haven't done anything to do with Mavericks. In fact, I haven't done anything to adjust the settings of my Apple Mail 10.8.4 and Gmail. I have not downloaded any updates to 10.8.4.

    I went into Gmail's web interface, and I see that for the email that I sent, each sent-email has two labels: Sent-label, as well as Inbox-label.

    What's going in?

    In addition to Apple doing some tinkering with Mavericks, has Google been doing something to IMAP at their end as well?
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    I've noticed some issues too.

    I'm running 10.9 on my MBA (see below) and 10.8 on my iMac. Mountain Lion was good until recently, now I get the warning icon on my Gmail account which is now intermittent, but my Google Apps account seems ok.

    I upgraded my MBA to Mavericks and got the problematic Gmail issues. Installed the 'fix' Apple put out, and it's still buggy... my iPhone is spot on, GApps emails are pushed and the Gmail emails come through perfectly after polling. I now have to quit the Mavericks mail app just to get the Gmail email that came through to my iPhone.

    Overall, ML is still reliable for the most part, which makes me glad I held back upgrading my work machine.

    Next step is to delete all mail accounts and setup from scratch. Perhaps this will help.

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