Mountain Lion not in MAS?!

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by xxBURT0Nxx, Nov 6, 2012.

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    So I recently bought a brand new Air, came with Mountain Lion on it. What do I need to do to get ML to show up under "purchases" in the MAS?

    Or if I can't do that, where do I find the install to make a USB recovery drive?
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    I will advise, just to be safe, that you go into the MAS while the machine is functional and "register" your iLife apps (iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band). This will then show them as "purchased" so if you reinstall your OS you can then reinstall the apps as well.
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    As mentioned, you did not buy ML from the App Store, so it won't be shown there. You can snag the full installer from Apple's servers by using this process. Then use this free app along with an 8GB USB key to make yourself a full OS installer.
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    This maybe a little late, but here is how to get it in your MAS purchase history.

    Fill in your information and then Apple will send you an email with PDF and it has the MAS redemption code.
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    Users who purchased a qualifying system after Mountain Lion was released but found their computer has Lion follow that process. The OP cannot apply for the Up To Date process because it came with 10.8 already on it.
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    Why? I did it with no problems.
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    I'm guessing the Apple representatives that screen those requests for the redemption code don't have any way to verify what OS the computer left the factory with. The Up To Date process is to ensure that people who recently bought a system that doesn't include 10.8 can get their copy without having to pay the $19.99 for it off the App Store.

    Legally speaking, if your computer shipped with 10.8, you technically didn't "buy" 10.8, it came pre-installed on the system, the same way people who buy a Dell or HP with Windows on it didn't "buy" Windows.
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    how do i get 10.7 to show up under my purchases? any idea for that?
  10. Dobbs2, Nov 15, 2012
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    I don't think you know what your are talking about. I called the Apple phone number before I did and they also told me thats what they recommended me to do. Since I have done this I have had many friends do the same thing even with the 13" Retina displayed Macbook Pro's which have only come with 10.8. You do have to fill out all your information and and register your serial number. Apple does know what serials were shipped out with each OS. I know I didn't buy 10.8 I was given the download just like the ilife suite for being an Apple customer. They don't ship discs anymore and this is how they give the option to have the OS. The in store employees don't know this much, but when you call the level 2 guys they will recommend this option.

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