Mounted file systems?


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Oct 18, 2005
This is probably a pretty stupid question, but I just downloaded a program and it says that there are "no mountable file systems". What does this mean and how do I get a mountable file system?


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Aug 15, 2001
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I'm assuming you're downloading either a demo or a legit patch, as opposed to a CD rip of a game you don't own.

What that means is just what it says--that the disk mounter can't find any valid filesystems on the image. Usually what this means is that it's a corrupt disk image. It might be in a format that the MacOS doesn't recognize, but that's unlikely.

Worth noting that there are a few circumstances under which the OS can freak out and refuse to mount perfectly valid disk images. I've seen this happen once or twice under 10.3.9, although in my case a restart fixed it. Other people have had more severe and difficult-to-figure out problems with the same symptom, but you'll have to Google for suggestions on that topic if it's your issue.


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Jan 13, 2007
oh you respected gentlemen, and your internet vigilante attitudes. I can see fingers get pretty tired of "assuming it was purchased" 200 times in different forums.
Why don't we find a solution, I like this problem, it's one of those underrated and ignored ones.

oh, don't worry, it's not a stupid question at all, have faith, the answer will come.

I vote for "no mountable file systems" in top 10 mac issues!