Mounting CF card via Canon Camera

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by leftymo, Oct 23, 2005.

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    Hello, I recently lost some very critical pics and short avi's trying to use a canon CF reader and uploading to my mac (powerbook G4 867 Titanium).

    I went with a third party image retrieval company that salvaged some but I'd like to try again with some other software.

    I don't have the reader (which I think corrupted the files), and would like to mount the card using my Canon S230 camera. But from what I've tried it appears the only way to offload pics from the camera is via Image Capture or IPhoto.

    There's got to be another way. I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on this.

    I did read a previous (2003) post regarding this same problem, but it wasn't resolved back then. (i was running Panther when it occured, currently using Tiger)
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    I hate to offer a simple M$ solution, but if you are at a loss with all other recovery methods, I recommend doing the following.

    Mount the card on a Windows computer. Enter command (cmd from RUN), and then type "chkdsk /n", where n is the letter of the drive that your card mounts on. Files should appear, copy them out. You might have to change the extension from a ~, or similar to the proper picture format. Run them through graphic converter, and you should be fine.

    Why do I offer this solution, because it is free, and the format that most cards are formatted on is M$ DOS native, also, perhaps it is because I am old school and use a few different operating systems each day (UNIX, 2k, NT, a JAVA based OS, and OSX.)

    The best part of my post is that it will spur others to answer my post with great fervor. Bring it on and help this guy.

    I hope this helps, and when you have given up hope, remember to reformat the card using your camera.

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