Mouse Acceleration


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Mar 9, 2006
I am really picky about my mouse and keyboard, sorry, I just am. I switched from Windows to Mac yesterday -- bought a new PowerMac G5 w/ a sexy 23" cinema display. I have a long history with Linux/BSD, so switching over to OS X is no big deal for me other than learning all the UI. At least if I can't figure it out via the UI, I can just drop to a command line and do whatever. haha.

Anyway, in Windows, there is a mouse precision setting that makes the mouse move really slowly until you move it really fast, then it speeds up. That way, its more accurate when you're moving little distances but lets you get across the screen fast if you need to. I HATE THAT. The FIRST thing I always do on Windows machines I use is turn that setting OFF.

I've noticed OS X has the same thing enabled. I don't see anywhere so turn it off from System Preferences. Is there another way to turn it off? It's driving me insane...