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    Apr 24, 2011
    Novara, Italy
    Hi my old laser mice from logitech doesn't work any more, it wasn't very fast and i'm searching to find a new mouse... NOT WIRLESS

    i bought as a replacement the first mice i found, an entry optical logitech mice... and is very fast... but kind of small, like travel mouse

    so i thought that my old mice were not very good, i alway thought it was kind of slow

    searching for a new mice the only one i found with a good size and laser is a microsoft one :(
    Comfort Mouse 4500 - blu laser should be the best...
    but is slow.. even with microsoft driver

    so i'm wondering if is the mice size or the sensor laser / optical to make the difference
    on a 27 display is a real pain a slow mice

    i saw a cheap HP optimal mouse of a good size, HP KY619AA is about 10€

    i'm not searching for a cheap mouse, but for a good AND FAST one

    i'was also thinking about wacom bamboo touch, i'm a developer and i code for most o my day, i can't find review on this kind of
    and i'm not even sue that is good for my hand to use that kind ok input

    hope to ear something soon :(
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    "Speed" of the cursor is usually a software setting, not a hardware quality issue.

    I've been favoring the Razer mice lately; they're advertised as gaming mice, but in turn that translates into precision and comfort.

    You say you don't want a wireless mouse, but I still think the Logitech MX Revolution is one of the best mice ever made. You can still find them if you look hard enough.
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    Oct 24, 2011
    Bamboo is usually for artists, digital painting etc.

    I had a microsoft wireless mouse and it was very slow. It was heavy, and there was a delay between the mouse and the computer. Now I have a nice little wired Logitech. It has a high dpi (5000ish) and it is fast and very responsive.

    My advice is to stick to wired if you want fast.
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    Novara, Italy
    @miles01110 it may just a software issue but i can't get it to work correctly, i already set at the most fast speed possible

    @JazzyFizzle can you tell me your mouse model? thanks

    i add microsoft 4500 screenshot specs

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