Mouse Randomly Jumps


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Jan 23, 2003
Since installing Lion, my mouse seems to randomly just to corners of screens when I switch between applications (in windowed mode..not fullscreen) or click on items. For example: I will click on an item in the menu bar and when I let go, my mouse will have jumped to the bottom corner of the screen. Anybody else seeing this behavior? Any ideas on a fix?


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Jun 9, 2008

I've been having the same issue too. It's really really irritating since I use the hot corners for putting the display to sleep and for launch pad.:mad:


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Nov 22, 2008
The wrong planet.
I'm using a Targus Bluetooth Mouse for Mac (which I totally love and have been using for a couple of years now). I am experiencing this issue like crazy. The cursor just randomly jumps halfway across the screen or worse. It's really bad. I thought something had gone wrong with my mouse until I booted into Windows and found all was right as rain.
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