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Feb 4, 2012
Hi all,

I'm a sort of newbie, on my first ever Mac (MBP) after emigrating from Windows.

I have a mouse here that works great on Windows. It's the MS Wireless Mouse 5000. However, sadly it doesn't work so great on Mac. The tracking speed was simply too slow for a start. But what's worse is the acceleration curve that is built in the OS. I can either move it at full speed, or very slow - there seems to be no medium speed or anything in between!

Thankfully, MS released Intellipoint drivers for their mice on the Mac, and this has solved that problem, but one thing still stands, and that is the overall tracking speed. I've got it maxed out yet it is not sufficient for my needs. I know that there are ways to increase the tracking speed on Mac through the backend, but that's for the Mac mouse settings. As for me, I'm using Microsoft's own IntelliPoint tracking settings, and I don't know how to increase that speed beyond what it allows. Does anyone know a way?

I've attached a screenshot which will explain most of the above!

Many thanks in advance!


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    Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 07.05.07.png
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Mar 3, 2008
Normally, I don't want nobody's stinking mouse drivers on my computer. This is especially true of anything from Microsoft or Logitech. I think the mouse support built into the OS (whether Windows, Linux or OSX) is all I should ever need. But perhaps yours is a special situation...

When you complain about tracking speed, do you mean you want the pointer to move faster for less mouse movement? Or are you asking for "acceleration"? I have Apple mighty mice and an Apple magic mouse collecting dust in the bottom of a drawer. I prefer my trusty Logitech VX470 bluetooth mouse but I use the built in OS support and I've never touched tracking, except perhaps to turn it down. Perhaps you might post a screen shot of your mouse settings in the regular OSX mouse pref pane and that might stimulate some ideas of things you can try.
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