Mousepad --thin and fast for lasers


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Aug 15, 2002

tired of dropping cash on defunct mousepads... wondering if you all had a suggestion for this type of mousepad:

-super low friction
-super thin
-doesn't move around
-medium size
-non offensive to look at!

given whats out there, i kinda wish apple would make a mouse pad!



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Aug 8, 2006
Northern California
Although a mouse pad isn't really nesessary for laser or optical mice (unless you have a desk surface that doesn't work, like glass), they can be nice to have. I have an "Allsop" pad I got from Office Depot. It's very thin, very low friction, about 8.5x8". It's not stylish, but isn't ugly. Was cheap. It has a standard rubber bottom, so it doesn't move around much, but it's inevitable it will get shifted a little.

I remember when Macs use to come with mouse pads! I used to have a black one with "Apple" writting on it in their classic rainbow colors.