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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by tx26257, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Ok this might be a noob question and I did try to research first but either I'm not sure what to look for or there is not a answer. I have a HP desktop with windows 7 on it. I'm going to a MacBook pro and like to dual boot for a few programs into windows 7 . Is it possible for me to make a copy of it off my HP desktop to put into my new laptop. Could I use the recovery desks I made.
    Sorry if this a true noob question
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    No, that's not going to work. The hardware and drivers are different for the two computers, not to mention many other issues that will cause you headaches. For best results, you will want to do a clean install of windows and clean install of programs.
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    There are multiple issues with this. From licensing to hardware (and driver) compatibility.

    However it's not completely impossible.

    If your needs for Windows are compatible with running them in a VM, you could use Parallels Transporter or VMWare Converter to make a new VM from your running PC.

    For this to work properly the original PC must be decommissioned and not used once the VM is created.

    I have a VM created this way from a Dell desktop running Vista that I decommissioned.


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