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    Hi everyone. New to MacRumors, this is my first post.

    I am trying to MOVE files (movie files) on my WD External Hard Drive to a new folder on the SAME WD External Hard Drive, no partitions etc, pretty straight forward.

    I have searched and read the internet/forum for help and followed instruction of holding cmd then draging to the folder, however this does not always work.

    Some files move across, the next one will try and copy. The copy action will take approx 2 hours for me to move the files!!!!!

    Can't see why some will move and some won't, looked at sizing, file type?? And when it does work it only seems to work with 1-3 at a time, however this is still not consistent.

    The drive is formatted to fat32.

    I also don't seem to have the option to select multiple files and move to "New folder with selection". This is greyed out. However, I can create a "New Folder"

    Can anyone help me?

    Thank you
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    Sorry, I know it's a duplicate thread, but I wasn't getting a response after 300+ views, so wasn't sure if it was posted in the right forum.
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