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Move from Late-2013 15" MBP to 2020 13" MBP?


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Dec 17, 2002
After really wanting to pull the trigger on one of the new iMacs, I realize that because of WFH, I need a monitor that will work with both my work laptop and my personal laptop (currently, a loaded late-2013 15" MBP). I'm looking at the 2020 13" MBP, and specifically the high-end stock model (16GB/1TB). Both my work laptop and the 13" MBP will work with a 27" 4K monitor, and the LG unit with USB-C offers a one-cable solution, which would be great.

So my question is this: Is the 2020 13" MBP (with the 10th Gen processor) going to be a noticeable improvement over my current laptop? Based on the various benchmark tests I could online, sounds like the processor should be about 50% faster (which isn't that remarkable, but my needs are modest), but I'm also interested in how well the integrated graphics in the 2020 13" MBP compares to the discrete graphics card in my 2013 MBP. Solely based on the 2020 13" MBP's ability to drive even the new Pro Display, I'm assuming it's a huge leap forward, but interested if others have more specific information.

Many thanks in advance.
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