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    Hi everyone

    I'm having an issue with iMovie 11, regarding a change of location of the files.
    In fact, what I want to do is to tell the soft to place the Project (the master file) and the Events (the videos used in the Project) onto an external hard drive. I could therefore continue to work from there and save some space on my internal drive.
    In theory it's easy, as advised here: select "Group events by disk" and drag & drop the Event or the Project.

    But by doing so I only managed to place the Event files onto the root of the external hard drive!
    How can I move them to an existing specific folder within this disk?

    Thanks a lot
    PS Also, do you think that when having two Event folders for the same project (on different drives for instance), the project will automatically save any changes on both of them?
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    Dave Braine

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    Open iMovie with your external drive attached. You should see it's icon in both the Project and Event Libraries.

    Just drag and drop Projects in the Library onto the drive icon. You will be asked if you want to copy the Project's associated Events as well. As far as I know, you can't place Projects and Events in a folder on the external drive as iMovie won't be able to find them.

    When you next import any video into iMovie, you can choose to save the import on then external drive.

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