Move Individual Songs from Old Mini to New Mini?

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by vintagebob, Jan 7, 2015.

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    I replaced my 2010 Mac Mini with a new 2014 Mac Mini as a music server for my 2-channel system. The 2010 system had all of the music stored on an external drive.

    I tried to move my music library to the the new Mac Mini and was unsuccessful, I'm assuming because I had the music files on the external drive.


    I re-ripped all of my CDs to the internal drive of the new Mac Mini but I noticed that a few of my CDs were missing (Probably loaned out?).

    Can I copy individual songs/albums from the external hard drive that was attached to the 2010 Mini or are there some kind of library "hooks" on the files? If so, is there a preferred method?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I don't understand why you ripped your CDs again. You should have been able to drag and drop all of your music files from the external drive to your new mini.

    I'm confused.
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    Yes you can, the structure (if organised /ripped by itunes) should be quite readable (unlike that on an iphone for example)
    Just navigate the Itunes Folder on the External disk, or even run a search on it for the names/extentions of the files you are looking for.


    I think I may have grasped what you have done .... Exported the library file in itunes ? which isnt the music in itself just a pointer to its location / metadata etc.
    Could you explain more the process you went through and if you still have the old Mac mini.. ?

    Another option Album by Album is to setup home sharing, which allows you to selectively import between libraries
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    I did try to move all of my music and I was not successful. I tried to consolidate all of the iTunes "stuff" onto a portable hard drive and then tried to copy it onto the new Mini. The new Mini showed that 260GB of data was on the new Mini hard drive but iTunes and the Finder did not show any files?

    After the attempt, I could no longer get the old Mini to find the music files on the external drive that it was using and so I punted at that point and started ripping CDs. Thankfully, I am done with that part. I'm just trying to grab a few stragglers that I could not find the original CDs for.

    I was able to move at least one music file over to the new mini by using File Sharing and dropping the folder on the Desktop of the new Mini and then using "Add to Library" in iTunes to grab it off of the Desktop.

    I tried moving the files directly to iTunes Music Media folder but that did not work.
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