Move iPhoto to new MBPr - photos remain on external?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by dmaxdmax, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. dmaxdmax, Sep 4, 2014
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    This can't be hard but I can't find the applicable directions.

    I have a 7y/o MBP with iPhoto. I used iTunes Library Manager to merge everything to an external. Now I want to move iPhoto to a new MBPr, keeping the actual images on the external. I want to keep my albums, faces, and ratings. I'm running the latest version of the OS and iPhoto.


  2. yetieater macrumors regular

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    Just so I understand your situation:

    You want to keep your rMBP plugged into the external every time that you wish to access iPhoto, correct? That is, you don't want to transfer the actual image files over to your rMBP?
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    Does your iPhoto library use managed the images, or reference them. If the latter then all you have to do is move the library. If they're managed, i.e., images inside the library, then you cannot easily pull it apart at this stage - if I'm understanding your question.

    I'm not sure why you mention iTunes Library Manager since that has nothing to do with iPhoto AFAIK
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    If you have not done so, change from a managed library to a referenced one. The original/master files can then sit on an external drive. You can keep the iPhotos library of edits and jpg previews on the boot disk as it will not be so large.

    That is what I do in Aperture and LR. The masters are in file system folders on an external library drive. The Aperture library and LR catalog are on the boot drive. Both the boot drive and library drive are backed up by Time Machine.
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    Can't you just use option-open or use iPhoto Library Manager on the rMBP to select the library you want on the external, and have it open on your rMBP?

    You said "move iPhoto," but I assume you meant the library?
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    If I use the option-open won't I lose folders and projects created on the original laptop.

    The objective is to have iPhoto on the new laptop that's identical to what I have now. All the albums, faces, ratings etc. The photos are on an external and will stay there.


  7. dmaxdmax thread starter macrumors 6502a


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    Anybody? I guess iphone 6 has taken all of the oxygen out of the forums.

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