Move NAS from WD to Synology


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Oct 16, 2012
Milan, Italy
Hi everybody, I bought a 4TB MyCloud device that I really dislike (slow, bad firmware with no personalization, bad mobile apps...).

I would like to buy a Synology DS213j, is it a good choice?
My question: is it possible to move the drive from WD to Synology without loose any data? Thank you so much for the answers!


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Feb 10, 2008
No, the synology will format the drive as it wants, even external USB ones. You may be able move drives between synology boxes, but not between different makes.

The DS213j is a low end device NAS that will be slow, but slow is relative and it may be good enough for you. It seems to be a solid reliable product used by many here. Synology has a wide range of packages available and is very customizable. The flexibility makes it a bit of a challenge to learn, as its a unix type space. A mini server will be a lot faster, easier to use, and offer much more capability... but is also just a bit more money.
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Sep 23, 2011
Austin, TX
Buy a 4TB drive and put it in the Synology. Copy everything to the Synology then take apart the WD and put that drive in the Synology in RAID 1 to mirror your data, or if you live dangerously go RAID 0 and backup the Synology to Crashplan or some other Cloud service (which you should do anyways).
I will most likely end up buying a Synology also but can't resist trying out Xpenology on my HP EX495 home server first, although I will plunk down for a 4 bay version with an Intel CPU when the time comes.
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