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    Hey, I have some music on my hard drive, but since I added it to the hard drive from my mac, I have added more to my mac, what is the best way to 'sync' my external hard drive and make sure that I get the new music on there but don't duplicate the music that is already on there, thanks.
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    you should clarify your question. Cause in your title you're saying you want to move your music from your mac to your external hard drive, but from your question it seems like you want to move music from the external hard drive into the iTunes music folder on your Mac.

    In case the external hard drive is always connected you can check an option in iTunes preferences to add the music to your itunes library (so they show up in iTunes), but not copy the actual music files to the itunes folder on your mac.

    You could also just add all the songs. Then there should be an option to look for duplicate files. You can then delete those.
  3. ballyharpat, Sep 19, 2012
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    I have about 3000 songs on my external harddrive, I also have these songs on my Mac-along with 500 more that I have recently downloaded,, what I want to do, is move the 500 also to my hard drive, and not use my mac to store music. I don't want to have to go through the songs and figure out which ones are not on my hard drive already, if that makes sense, thanks for your reply, yeah, there is a way to find duplicates on itunes, but that takes a lot of time.....:(
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    Just drag and drop all of the music files onto your external drive. A window similar to this should pop up:


    Check the box and click Don't Replace. Only the new files will be copied over and, assuming your folder structure is the same on both drives, you won't have any duplicates.

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