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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by arjen92, Feb 6, 2012.

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    So this is probably to be found somewhere on the internet, but I'm just to lazy to look around and I can't get the right search words. So if someone could just answer it for me, would be really nice.

    So in Premiere Pro I'm doing these Ken Burn effects with photos. I'm moving them around, sometimes zooming in. I also have a lower third and a text layer. In the left window I've got the "Effect Control" panel opened, in the right is just the footage. I actually split up the left window into showing both the effect control panel and the original footage that's in the timeline.

    Now the problem is as follows; I click on the photo in the timeline. Then I click on the viewer window (which gets a yellow border). Apparently I now select the highest layer (text layer in my case) so when I want to move it around, I move the text layer around, not the photo.

    It's really frustrating, I want to just grab the photo and move it around. What's the way of doing this?

    I just now figured out I can click this small icon in the effect window. Ofcourse this is way quicker, but is there a way to just select the layer and instantly be able to grab it (with the normal mouse, not the hand tool) and move it around?

    Thanks for reading, much appreciated.

    Since I'm already asking; you know how you can go through edits in Final Cut Pro 7 by using the up and down buttons? I set Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro keyboard layout, but it almost never (sometimes it does, can't say exactly when) reacts,skips to the next/previous cut when I use these buttons. Anybody knows what I'm doing wrong?
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    Likely, it isn't selected properly. Make sure you double click on the clip (photo) in the timeline. Ensure the clip is still selected in the timeline, and then you should be able to manipulate the wireframe.

    You have to have the track selected in the patch panel on the left side of the timeline for it to go to previous/next edit. If the clip is on V2, and you want to go to previous/next edit, make sure V2 is selected.
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    Spot on! Exactly what I was looking for. I could easily select the other channels and go through my edits, thanks!

    This didn't work. I think it's probably because the text layer is filling the entire view area. So no matter where I click, I think it selects the (see through part of the) text.

    To animate the photos I had to be in the effects tab anyway, so it wasn't such a hassle clicking the small icon to select the photo for manipulation (dragging etc).

    Thanks though.

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