Move Outlook to New Machine?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by CoMoMacUser, Jun 22, 2014.

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    I'll be getting a new iMac or Mini with the next refresh. On my current iMac, I have a copy of Outlook 2011 that my previous email host provided. As I recall, I downloaded it from them but didn't need to enter a registration key.

    The new machine will be my main PC, so I'd like to have Outlook on it. Is it possible to drag that application's folder onto a USB drive to load onto the new machine? And if that is possible, will the move trigger Outlook to ask me for the key?

    I'm not interested in buying Office because I have one license left on a 2008 copy that doesn't include Outlook, so I'm covered for all of the other suite's apps. I currently have Microsoft's Exchange Online service, so if moving Outlook isn't an option, I suppose I could make do with the Web version. I've tried alternatives such as Thunderbird and, of course, Mail, but they've always lacked just enough features that I come back to Outlook.

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    Some apps on a Mac are completely self contained and you can just drag them over to a new machine like you mentioned, but all the MS Office apps use installers that install support files in other folders etc. and a drag and drop like that is not going to work.

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