Move Parallels VM over to Bootcamp?

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    Is this possible? I have a Santa Rosa MBP with a broken Superdrive, and I need to get Windows 7 installed on Bootcamp. I had a copy of Parallels laying around so I install W7 on that, but now I need a way to image that over to my Bootcamp partition. Is this possible? No amount of Googling is turning anything up.

    Alternatively, if anyone knows other ways for me to get W7 on my laptop, that would be just as appreciated. I have tried imaging my flash drive with W7, and unfortunately I get an error on rEFIt that external hard drives are not well-supported by Apple's firmware for legacy OS booting.

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    There is a long thread here about this

    You basically have three options.

    1) Google V2P (virtual to physical) it's hard but can be done.

    2) Use Parallels or VMWare to initially install the files on your BC partition and complete the install from there

    3) Create a throwaway partition on your internal HDD to which you will copy the Windows installer files and install from that.

    These last two choices are in the thread.


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