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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by gatepc, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Ok so I just bought a new hdd after my old one died and luckily I had my itunes backed up on another drive but now I want to use my new external hdd as the drive in which the itunes uses. so I copied this folder from my old hdd and put it on my new drive and then went into itunes and changed my itunes library location to the new drive where the itunes folder is at. but now when I want to play music it says it cant find its location? why, its set up in options for the new location! I can setup each file individually after double clicking it and telling it where it is Exactly inside the new drive but that is impractical as I have more then 6500 audio tracks and incase your wondering I DID consolidate my library before I moved it!

    plz help

    EDIT: NVM I fixed it by removing everything from itunes and adding it again ( mods feel free to delete this or what ever )
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    ah, a complete revamp of the library. . I think it created a new library file, which had links pointing to music in what was an invalid path after the move.

    In the future, copy the entire "iTunes" folder from your music folder. This folder should contain other folders such as "Album Artwork", "iTunes Music", and various other files.

    Then what you do on the other mac is hold "Option" while opening iTunes, then point it to the library file in the "iTunes" directory that you copied. It will read that library file, and then be able to play all your music from there.

    If it is a new mac, or new update of iTunes, open iTunes first, go through the prompts (but don't tell it to add music), then once it's done the introduction quit iTunes and follow the above process.

    The reason for this is because if you just choose another library, it might try going through the prompts anyway which may overwrite some library files. Hitting "Cancel" on it will usually initiate the prompts on the next launch which is annoying, so let it do it's thing before pointing it to the library on the external.

    note transferring the entire iTunes directory preserves the ENTIRE library, including playlists and ratings. This process can also be done on Windows as the library files are not system-specific files. They are library files, music files, and XML files.
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    Confirming the post above works as I did the same thing yesterday after I installed my SSD in my iMac. I copied my iTunes folder to an external HDD and all I had to do was hold option when starting iTunes, select the library in its new location, then go into preferences and change the music folder to its new location. Job done :)
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    You shouldn't have to go into preferences unless your music is kept outside of iTunes. If you copied the entire library, it will already know where the music folder is because it only reads what's in it's own file structure like so:

    iTunes/ - iTunes Folder (Main Folder)
    iTunes/iTunes Music - iTunes Music Folder
    iTunes/iTunes Music/Artist/Album/track.mp3 path to a music file in the library

    Inside the Main folder is:

    Album Artwork (folder)
    iTunes Library (file)
    iTunes Library Extras.itbd (file)
    iTunes Library Genius.itdb (file)
    iTunes Library.xml (file)
    iTunes Music (Folder containing all music)
    iTunes Music Library.xml (file)
    Mobile Applications (Folder)
    Previous iTunes Libraries (Folder)
    Temp File 1.tmp
    Temp File 2.tmp

    You must copy ALL of those in order to preserve your library, playlists, ratings, structure, everything.


    the library file (in bold above) is what stores information about where the music folder is (which should be in it's own library), and other things. Don't forget the other files as they may play an important part like holding playlist data, ratings, artwork, etc...

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