Movie (DVD): Brick (2006)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mkrishnan, Sep 2, 2007.

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    So I just saw this movie at the recommendation of one of the baristas actually, at the coffee shop I frequent. I was floored!

    It's a very stylized movie about high school kids who get caught up in drug trafficking. In terms of the style, all the characters speak in a very compressed, rhythmic sort of style, with heavy emphasis on made-up slang. They pull it off very well -- the dialog is frequently brilliant, perhaps even more often than not. It also has some very witty satire without ever trying or needing to be overtly funny.

    The cinematography is generally very good also. I understand this movie ran at Sundance... perhaps in 2005. The theatrical release was last year, and it just made its way to DVD this year, AFAIK. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, and I didn't see a thread about it here.

    FWIW also, it looks like it was made using Apple's tools, as there are prominent placements of screenshots in the splashes that sit between the deleted scenes in the bonus features. :) The only Mac in the movie that I saw, however, looked like a Mac Plus or maybe a Classic. :D I wasn't super clear (and the movie purposely avoids a lot of time cues), but it seems to take place approximately in the late 80s or very early 90s.


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    Brick on IMDB
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    It seems like people either really love this movie or really hate it.

    I'm in the second camp. I'm a fan of noir, but this was just terrible. Nothing worked for me. The dialogue was pretentious, and the setting made absolutely no sense to me. Kids doing noir = bad. They were in high school, but I recall there only being two adults this entire movie. You think someone would have stepped in and done something with all of these kids killing each other. The ending was also really unsatisfying. I'm surprised I even finished the movie, but I usually don't like to stop watching movies even if they are terrible. That could be why I found the end unsatisfying, or it may have been that I saw it coming pretty much the last half of the movie.

    It's a shame too, because I remember seeing the trailer for the movie a couple times, thinking it looked really good.

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