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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by porkchopwes1, Jul 3, 2011.

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    So I have 2 computers: A Macbook running OS X Snow Leapord (the one before the newest model) and a Compaq pc running Windows Vista Ultimate (the highest OS this computer can reach). As you know, or don't, I make videos, and for the longest time I have used iMovie for editing. Then about a year ago, I upgraded to iMovie '11 for $14.95 via Mac App Store and it has been very good to far. Yes, includes the basic green screen and blue screen video SEE (Special Effects Edit), picture-in-picture, overlap, etc. It has a solid and easy to use UI and HD editing and exporting, but it's just not good enough. So I have heard that the new Final Cut X has come out, and following, is the new Final Cut Studios. Now I would consider buying it, I'm not done. On my Compaq I have an editing program from pinnacle called StudioHD, which is the PC version of iMovie '08 in my terms. But I do like both editing programs pretty much equally (except I haven't fully unlocked the full potential of StudioHD but I have with iMovie) but I was thinking about getting Final Cut Studios, but there is one problem: the price. It costs $1000. And it's not getting the money as the problem it's my concern to ask anyone here: is it worth the money? Please answer or discuss and thanks for your feedback.

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    As far as I know, Final Cut Studio is discontinued. Apple is now selling FCPX for $299, motion for $49 and compressor for $49. DVD Studio Pro is no longer sold, neither is Color or soundtrack pro.

    So that would only be $400 for everything. But you could also get the older versions (FCS3) for a cheaper price, since it's now the older version and no longer sold by Apple. Try ebay or something.
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    Jul 3, 2011
    what about FCS9?
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    Jun 14, 2011
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    There is no product known as FCS9. The last FCS was version 3 and the version before FCP X was FCP 7.

    You ask whether FCS3 is worth the $1000 that it costs and I can tell you that it is. A lot of what’s on TV and Films have been edited using FCS3 and they would only want to use what is best.

    If you say that you are happy with iMovie ’11 then you may get frustrated with FCS3 straight away as you will probably struggle to start to learn it as a lot of people do.

    For this reason and the price and probably the fact that you wouldn’t use some of the features I would suggest purchasing FCP X as it will probably suit the sort of work that you do perfectly!
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    Not sure if FCS is still available.

    You can try to get a used copy. Just be careful not to get ripped off by some bootlegger. Get receipt and make sure that person has actually bought the software.

    Check also out Apple's rules in regards to transferring licenses (if there are any).

    But for you FCP X might just be what you want, and as features are added to this new software you can grow with it. At $299 it's also much cheaper. Just make sure it runs on your MacBook. The system requirements of FCP X are steep.

    I'm going to wait a bit as I have FCP 6, but if you are in the market for new software now take a look at FCP X.
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    You come across as someone with little to zero experience. You also don't make any mention of what you do (other than to say you make movies, whatever that means), what format you plan to shoot, what your intended output is, or what kind of camera(s) you use. That being said, you should stick with iMovie. If you had more experience, or if FCX was ready for prime time, then I'd suggest that route. FCS is still very applicable even though it's EOL. However, it's price tag and learning curve is probably out of your reach. The other option might be for you to look at Premiere Pro, but that depends on what you plan to do and whether you're willing to tackle the learning curve. It's going to get rather steep once you leave iMovie.
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    When you are used to iMovie, go the FCP X route - much easier for you. FSC is a completely different animal in regards to GUI and handling.
    If you want FCS, then try to get it new from a trusted retailer. ebay has gone nuts with used versions meanwhile (upgrade for $477 buy it now the other day - and it's gone!:eek:)

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