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  1. Odisey macrumors member


    Mar 10, 2008
    I am trying to move large files from an external 750gb drive Mac OS, to multiple external NTFS drives. Can I set up a local server on the Mac and put the files I want to migrate on it - then access the server as a remote connection through a local wireless connection hub I am going to get. I need a middle ground for moving the files. I have a virtual server - it is taking forever to move them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated,
  2. macsrules macrumors regular

    Feb 26, 2008

    Odisey, I had kind of the same problem. I was making a backup of my files from my G5 onto an External USB2 500 drive. The copying was and does take FOREVER - I can relate. ;)

    I can tell you what I am currently doing to help with this. I have a G5 1.6 that I picked up on Craigslist for around 650. I have thrown two of these 750 Spinpoints $129 x 2 in it

    I had to put one of these drives in my dual G5 to install OS X, for some reason my older G5 would get hung up on the install. When I finished installing OS X on my Dual G5, I pulled the drive out and put it into the 1.6

    What you can do now is set that computer up as a server. Here are a couple of resources and here are some videos to help set it up

    Throw a wireless card in the G5 and you should be able to use it to server up your movies. The wireless copying or accessing should be faster than your current setup.

    Throw a five port Gigabyte switch on it and network it in and your access and copying time should be much faster.

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