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    Nov 3, 2005

    I'm using the MovieAudioExtraction API's to extract the sound data from a movie. The function MovieAudioExtractionFillBuffer needs a pointer to an AudioBufferList which looks like:

    typedef struct AudioBufferList {
    [INDENT]UInt32 mNumberBuffers;
    AudioBuffer mBuffers[1];[/INDENT]
    } AudioBufferList;
    As you can see, the AudioBufferList needs an array of AudioBuffers. In my case I only need one buffer. AudioBuffer looks like this:

    typedef struct AudioBuffer {
    [INDENT]UInt32 mNumberChannels;
    UInt32 mDataByteSize;
    void* mData;[/INDENT]
    } AudioBuffer;
    I was wondering if anyone has used the AudioBuffer structure and could explain how to use its members. I want to extract audio from a movie and store it in an array or possibly a file. Thanks,

    -- Mel.

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