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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Regbial, May 29, 2012.

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    Hi, I have a question. I have a Mexican iTunes store account, with with very little money on it (from gift cards). I was given some American iTunes store gift cards in christmas. Now what I want to do is liquidate or completely use up my money in the Mexican account (say by buying a movie, like Jurassic Park), then change my account's country to the US so I can use my american gift cards buying more apps/movies etc...

    My question is: if I have an Apple TV, will I be able to see Jurassic Park, which I purchased when my account was mexican, on it? (Keep in mind, Jurassic Park is sold by itself here in Mexico, in the American iTunes store, they sell it in a bundle of the three movies)

    Basically, can I still see/download content I have purchased even though it is exclusive to another country's store?

    Also another quick question: if I purchase a movie in my Apple TV, do I HAVE to download it on my computer, even if I don't want it there? Will it start downloading automatically or something?
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    You can't change stores using the same account, each store needs a separate account.

    Not really sure about how ATV deals with multiple accounts.

    You can however just stream direct to the ATV from itunes store without having to download on your PC.
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    In short....yes.

    You can't alter your account, but you can have iTunes stream any material you purchased, from which ever account, to your ATV. You do have to 'authorise' iTunes to play material from each account, but once thats done, no issue.

    As for purchasing via the ATV and 'have' to have it on you don't, but each time you want to play it, it'll be downloading it again to the ATV. Ultimately, thats the way Apple plans it. Keep your purchased stuff in the iCloud, other stuff in iTunes. I'm sure the bigger picture is all in the cloud, but hey, I'm not buying 5+ Tb of space!!!

    (And yes, iTunes match will already store a library version of a song in the cloud, but I find it rudimentary as I often change meta data to songs - I hate having a listing of a single song from an album, I tend to group those ones under a 'various' album name - and I doubt iTunes match will therefore 'match' that song.)

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