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    **Title should say "Moving iTunes to External Drive"** NOT "movies"

    Good Morning. Im getting close to using all of my hard drive space on my MacBookPro, most of it being used by movies and tv shows from itunes. I was thinking that Im going go move my iTunes folder from my MBP to the external drive.

    I don't want to have any movies, tvshows or songs on my MBP, how will that affect me for airplay. I was reading somewhere that in order for me to use airplay I would have to leave the MBP on and connected to the external drive, is this correct?

    Also if I were to travel somewhere and take my MBP, I wont have anything on my iTunes because it was disconnected from the external drive, but would I be able to put a movie or two on my MBP then delete them when I come back home?

    If I make no sense, let me know so I can explain myself a little better.
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    Yes, as your Mac transmits the Airplay signal, it will have to be on, and if you were playing something in iTunes, then the external drive would need to be connected.

    Correct, see above.

    Yes, just drag them out of iTunes onto your desktop and play them, probably with Quicktime, and then just delete them when you've finished watching. No need to wait until you're home.

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