Movies on a Mac!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by carduser22, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Nov 15, 2006
    A Few questions for movies on a Mac!!

    I know the movies from iTunes are 620 X 480, right? (680 x 420?) Are the movies from iTunes H.264 or mpeg? (it seems they would be in mpeg because they are around 1 GB-meaning smaller than h.264 files)

    What exactly is H.264 and, for most people, is there that big of a difference in quality? (or it just depends on the movie?)

    How much bigger is h.264 than mpeg-4 (double?), Or does it depend on the movie (action film=more framerate?)

    How come ripped movies play better in VLC than Quicktime? (for me at least)
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    Feb 10, 2003
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    First, most of the movies played on your iPod are 640x480. Second, I rip my movies down [using Handbrake] to MPEG 4. H.264, just seems to take forever to encode, for me at least. H.264 lets you scale it to what ever size you want, i think; while if you try to do the same with a MPEG-4 that was encoded at the 640x480 res, it will become blurry/distorted.

    My Handbraked files are usually around 500MB, while the H.264 files are bigger [don't quote me on that though, i haven't done one in awhile -trying it right now].

    As for the VLC vs. Quicktime? I am not sure why this is. Maybe it is because VLC plays movies in more of a stream, or tube, than DVD Player or Quicktime; they both play movies in Chapters. I could be wrong though?

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