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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by bluedogz, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I'll bet this has been answered, but danged if I can find it here...

    Trying to watch movies from my MB13 via the mini-DV to HDMI adapter... picture appears fine on the TV, but no sound. Checked in all the System Preferences I could think of, switched all outputs to the TV, but sound either comes from the MB, or not at all.

    Shouldn't this output send sound to the TV?
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    Mini DVI doesn't carry sound. You need to connect headphone jack to optical input on your TV/sound system with the appropriate cable. I believe Monoprice also offers a cable to connect mini DV and USB (for sound) to your Mac and HDMI to your TV, allowing sound to then be transmitted via HDMI.
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    Ya, you have to have a system with either hdmi, minidisplay port or thunderbolt for audio and video on the same cable. DVI won't cut it.

    Sorry man! But, the good news is that the optical output on your system will output high quality digital audio. It can handle the 5.1 channel sound on dvd's, netflix streaming and a zillion other sources.
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    What model MBP13 do you have? You mention a miniDV output, but there's no such thing. On MBP13's you could have either miniDVI or miniDP.

    Also keep in mind that the first Macbooks with miniDP didn't support audio.

    You'll need to tell us which MBP you have before you can get a definitive answer.
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    First I think he has a 13inch Macbook and it is a Mini-Dvi connector which doesn't carry sound so he needs to buy a seperate audio cable that can be connected from the headphone jack to any other audio device he plans on using e.g. HIFi, TV
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    Oh, good catch on that one. So the OP has a white MB. How do you know that is has miniDVI? Is this an assumption? The latest Macbook has miniDP.
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    Jul 30, 2011
    Hey, maybe one of you guys can answer my question.

    Yesterday, I tried to get audio from my computer through miniDP to HDMI. All that work would is video.

    The thing is, I've gotten this to work before. Now, even when I select my TV under the audio preferences, it still comes out the macbook pro speakers (mid 2010).

    The only thing that has changed since the last time I successfully accomplished this is that I've upgraded to Lion. Is this a known issue?

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