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Mar 5, 2015
I downloaded some newer movies off itunes a before our vacation and we did not get them all watched, now that we are home I would like to watch them on the TV instead of the small screen. My sister told me that her 4 year old can get movies to his TV to watch but I certainly cannot get it to work for me. I can tell you I paid plenty for the movies as they were pretty new and I really want to watch them with my husband but cannot seem to figure out how, I tried plugging my ipad in directly to my LG smart tv and they did not show up? Please help me out with an easy fix or app to use.


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Feb 12, 2015
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If you're connecting your charger cable to a USB port on your TV, you won't have any success. You can, however, get HDMI / DVI adapter cables (these are sold separately, and wouldn't've been bundled with your iPad).

Some content might not play on the TV, however. Not due to any technical limitation, but simply because some app developers don't want you to do it. DRM and all that rot. I'm unsure if this'd apply to Apple's own video player.

Another option is to get an Apple TV and hook that up to the LG TV, then use Airplay.

Rumour has it that some LG smart TVs support Airplay directly, without need of an Apple TV as a go-between device. Apparently an app called ZappoTV can facilitate this, but you might not need even that.


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Jun 2, 2013
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I downloaded a Amazon Video to my Ipad Mini2 and yesterday watched this movie on my Sony 32" TV using a Apple TV 3 via "airplay".

Very, Very satisfied with both my Ipad Mini 2 and Apple TV 3!

I also download movies to my Mac Mini Late 2012(Basic Model with upgraded 16GB RAM) which also has "airplay" capability and watch these movies on my Sony TV in the next room.
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