Moving Albums from I phone to PC help!

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    May 8, 2013
    I have been trying to make a back on my PC my photo albums (I created them under the camera roll) from my I phone but have continued to have trouble trying to do this. I have tried the obvious by trying to copy the albums after linking my PC and phone with a USB cable - but I only get the camera roll displayed in a rather strange folder fomat - many folders with names such as 940RJTD but no sign of the albums I created.

    Next I tried to install ifunbox but still not been able to locate my albums.

    What I do see when I go into ifunboxclassic are a jumble of photo related directories firstly at the top under general storage I see camera, camera 1, camera 2 all the way through to camera 8 and then under raw file system I found a folder called DCIM - within DCIM I have a whole collection of files starting at 100APPLE all the way to 140APPLE - each of these folders contain photos but they appear sorted by date order and appear to have no relation to the albums I created on the phone - again I appear to be just viewing the pictures on my camera roll with no sign of the albums I created.

    Please advise if I am doing some thing wrong? or if these is any way I can view or copy these albums using this or another bit of software (note as I mentioned at the top I can already explore and back up my camera roll just by connecting my i phone with a USB cable - the files have weird prefixes such as 864CKYNA - but they appear not to include any of my created albums I also wonder if the albums I created just contain a series of links to the camera roll so maybe its just not possible to copy these albums with picture on onto my PC) - note my phone has not been jailbreaked but not sure if this is relevant to my problem.
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    Moving albums from Iphone to PC with Ifunbox or USB

    Just edited the thread after I tried Ifun box after someones suggestion!!

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