moving aperture library. two external hdd, one mbp

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by slieu92, Aug 19, 2011.

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    hello, i'm in a bit of a jam.
    my aperture library is 250ish GB big. it is currently in my 1.5 TB fw 800 drive. i just bought a 3 TB fw 800 drive and i daisy chained the two drives together and used finder on my 2011 mbp to move the library from the 1.5 TB drive to the 3 TB drive. finder estimated 10 hours. so i canceled the coping.
    afterwards i right clicked the the library>show package contents, then tried to move each individual master file. but realized that would probably take more then 10 hours and i might miss some folders.

    my question is, how can i move the library from one drive to another that doesn't take 10 hours? is it the daisy chaining that is slowing it down?
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    Expect 1 to 3 GB per minute

    Regardless of what it is that you're transfering between drives, you should expect a net throughput of about 3 GB per minute for firewire 800. You should expect just a tad better that 1 GB per minute for original Firewire or USB. This is much slower that you might expect just by looking at the raw bit rate, but it's what you get in practice. In my testing, Mac OS is fastest, then Win XP on decent hardware, then Win 7, with Vista being about half or much worse the net throughput of Mac OS.

    Daisy chaining will generally slow things down a bit more. But some controllers' ports are just as slow even if you can plug the devices into separate ports.
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    can anyone provide directions or point to a link for moving my Aperture 3 Library from my MBP internal drive to and 2 TB extternal and use it as my working drive? I've seen some conversation but I'm still confused.....


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